Voice ripples.. (from Beruit)

Examples from my phone

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Woman in her piety.. woman in her musk.. said to mate ‘I am with child’.. an orange sun at dusk.. sets a stage for dreaming.. add a special dream.. love is love not scheming.. on the riverboats of steam.. all joy is attended.. all will want a part.. of a perfect baby.. a life of love to start..

Family knows family.. family has friends.. ripple social feeling.. again again and then..

Child lost to politics.. reasons never blend.. no sanity for insane war.. the most insane of men..

Loss of blood is anguish.. a pain now words can tell..

When innocents lose children.. how loud will they yell? 

Take that ship away that powders city blocks.. take explosions.. cyclic fire rates back to the docks..

Ripples from each person.. screams innocent souls.. brothers.. sisters find yourself.. your key is in control..

‘Glad handing’ performers.. smiling.. speaking kind.. with such deadly…

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